#LoveforHG Gala – Greenville, NC

this is a cause that truly tugs at my heart and i was happy to give my time and talent to this special event and organization. the first annual #LoveforHG gala was held two weeks ago at rock springs. it was an evening of gathering, celebrating, dancing, and fundraising for this new non-profit organization. #LoveforHG helps to support parents and families in our area who are dealing with child loss & bereavement. it was started earlier this year by Erica Curington, after the tragic loss of her 4 year old daughter, Harper Grey, last fall. erica is bravely facing this tragedy by bringing a little love back to our local area. all proceeds from the gala are being donated to the James and Connie Maynard Children’s Hospital. it was a very special night for a very special cause.