Shepherd’s At-home Newborn Session in Greenville, NC

newborn sessions are one of my favorite things to photograph. especially when i’ve known the family for 5 years and watched as they’ve gone from an engaged couple, to married, to parents of one, and now parents of two beautiful babies! i’ve been along for the ride all this time and my heart is so full seeing them now as a family of four.

i went to their home a few weeks ago to meet their new baby boy, shepherd, and got to see big sister betsy again in her new role. she seems to be taking to her little brother pretty well, considering she’s not yet two years old. she is curious about him, a little hesitant as you’d expect with that age, but she enjoyed giving cuddles and smooches.

while mom & shepherd were on a nursing break, betsy showed me her room, her brother’s room, her brother’s balloons and read me a book. she also had a little snack, some milk, and cuddle time with daddy. one of the reasons i love newborn sessions so much is simply because they’re done at home, in your comfort zone, where you can relax and just enjoy the time spent together.