all these sweet babies i’ve had lately! i’m loving it!! nothing more precious than new life surrounded by love. what a sweet lil fella he is!

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dad’s only request was to include some packers gear. will happily obliged! 😉 Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It

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3 generations. what a proud moment for a mom/grandma. Pin It Pin It Pin It Pin It

congratulations whitney & nick on your precious new son! thank you for asking me to capture this special time for you!

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  • Whitney Bakken - Beautiful! Thank you so much!

  • Faye Watson - He is sooooo beautiful. The rest of you guys aren’t bad either. Very nice

  • Elizabeth Goodwin - Whitney and Nick, Your little Will is absolutly beautiful!!! Love to you all!!!

  • Teia Henline - He is really cute I wish I was there.
    Love, Sofia

  • Sharon Dennison - Beautiful! Absolutely Beautiful!

  • Monica Tornetta - WOW! The pictures are FANTASTIC! How will you choose….get them all! Love the Packers one!

  • Kathleen Brennan Ference - Wow Beautiful

  • Kristin Anderson Elliott - He’s beautiful

  • Bonnie Swecker - priceless photos. what a beautiful son you have.

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